Damuth Photography


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"Photography helps people to see."
 -Berenice Abbot

Thanks for stopping by!  I picked up my first DSLR about 8 years ago before traveling overseas.  I took hundreds of photos...only a few turned out but I fell in love with it.  In a short time I fell into the unofficial parent photographer for baseball and gymnastics and family events.  Over the years, I've realized capturing the "feeling" of the moment is more important than the image itself and this is the guiding principal behind my work.  Candid photos, when people aren't looking are my favorite--especially kids!  I also am a firm believer that professional athletes shouldn't have the only market on "Hero" photo effects. 

If there is a certain "look" you are going for, something you've seen or something you've dreamt up--give me a call! 

Working with me is easy--no tight time limits, no limit on outfits or props.  I want to make sure you get the shots you want so you can look at the Feeling of the Moment forever.